UF Membrane Module 9 inch PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Module UFf225 Dyeing Waste Water Treatment

Short Description:

● High precision separating control technology, uniform pore size make good water output;

● Membrane material with permanent hydrophilic character and high flux, low transmembrane pressure and low operating energy consumption;

● Porous water distribution structure reduces contaminant dead angel and makes it easy to wash;

● Imported raw material has high breaking strength, high acid & alkaline resistance, high oxidation resistance and aging resistance;

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Product Overview

UFf225 capillary hollow fiber membrane is high polymer material, which will not have any phase change. Modified PVDF material, which is adopted on this product, has good permeable rate, good mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and pollution resistance. MWCO is 200K Dalton, membrane ID/OD is 0.8mm/1.3mm, filtering type is outside-in.


  • Drinking water treatment of tap water, surface water, well water and river water.
  • Pretreatment of RO.
  • Treatment, recycle and reuse of industrial waste water.

Filtration Performance

This product is proven to have below filtering effects according to the service conditions of different water sources:

Ingredient Effect
SS, Particles > 1μm Removal Rate ≥ 99%
SDI ≤ 3
Bacteria, Viruses > 4 log
Turbidity < 1NTU
TOC Removal Rate: 0-25%

*Above data is obtained under the condition that feeding water turbidity is < 25NTU.

Product Parameters


Technical Parameters:

Filtering Type Outside-in
Membrane Material Modified PVDF
MWCO 200K Dalton
Membrane Area 60m2
Membrane ID/OD 0.8mm/1.3mm
Dimensions Φ225mm*1860mm
Connector Size DN50

Application Data:

Pure Water Flux 12,000L/H (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Designed Flux 40-120L/m2.hr (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Suggested Working Pressure ≤ 0.2MPa
Maximum Transmembrane Pressure 0.15MPa
Maximum Backwashing Pressure 0.15MPa
Air Washing Volume 0.1-0.15N m3/m2 .hr
Air Washing Pressure ≤ 0.1MPa
Maximum Working Temperature 45℃
PH Range Working: 4-10; Washing: 2-12
Operating Mode Cross-flow or Dead-end

Feeding Water Requirements:
Before feeding water, a security filter < 50 μm should be set to prevent blockage caused by large particles in raw water.

Turbidity ≤ 25NTU
Oil & Grease ≤ 2mg/L
SS ≤ 20mg/L
Total Iron ≤ 1mg/L
Continuous Residual Chlorine ≤ 5ppm
COD Suggested ≤ 500mg/L

*Material of UF membrane is polymer organic plastic, there must not be any organic solvents in raw water.

Operating Parameters:

Backwashing Flow Rate 100-150L/m2.hr
Backwashing Frequency Every 30-60min.
Backwashing Duration 30-60s
CEB Frequency 0-4 times per day
CEB Duration 5-10min.
CIP Frequency Every 1-3 months
Washing Chemicals:
Sterilization 15ppm Sodium Hypochlorite
Organic Pollution Washing 0.2% Sodium Hypochlorite + 0.1% Sodium Hydroxide
Inorganic Pollution Washing 1-2% Citric Acid/0.2% Hydrochloric Acid

Component Material:

Component Material
Membrane Modified PVDF
Sealing Epoxy Resins
Housing UPVC

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