Bangmo appeared in the 16th China Guangzhou Environmental Protection Expo

Bangmo, a leading company in the field of environmental protection, demonstrated its core technology and large-scale production capacity of high-end separation membranes at the 16th China Guangzhou Environmental Protection Expo. This event provides Bangmo with a platform to showcase innovative products and contribute to the advancement of water purification technology.

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Focusing on providing efficient and sustainable solutions for water purification, Bangmo has developed a series of cutting-edge membrane modules. The company’s main products include pressurized hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules, submerged MBR membrane modules, and submerged ultrafiltration (MCR) modules. These modules are widely recognized for their effectiveness and reliability in a variety of applications.

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Bangmo offers pressurized hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules designed for superior filtration performance. With their unique construction, these modules are capable of removing suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from water sources. The technology has revolutionized the water purification process, providing clean and safe water to industries and homes.

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Another highlight of Bangmo’s product portfolio is the submerged MBR membrane module. This technology combines the advantages of membrane filtration and biological treatment to provide an effective solution for wastewater treatment. By integrating the Membrane Bioreactor system, these modules can obtain high-quality wastewater while minimizing the footprint of the treatment plant. This makes them ideal for applications in municipal wastewater treatment facilities, industrial processes and decentralized systems.

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In addition to ultrafiltration and MBR membrane modules, Bangmo also displayed submerged ultrafiltration (MCR) modules at the exhibition. These modules are designed for advanced water treatment processes to provide high quality water for industrial applications. With advanced membrane technology, MCR modules can effectively remove pollutants, organic matter and microorganisms to meet the stringent requirements of various industries.

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Bangmo’s participation in the 16th China Guangzhou Environmental Expo highlights the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. By investing in research and development, Bangmo continues to push the boundaries of water purification technology to meet the growing demand for clean water in China and beyond.

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The company’s appearance at the 16th China Guangzhou Environmental Protection Expo witnessed the company’s unremitting pursuit of environmental protection. ¬†Bangmo believes that clean water is a fundamental right of all people and strives to bring about positive change in the world through its innovative products. As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, Bangmo remains committed to developing and delivering innovative solutions to protect and preserve our most precious resource – water.

Post time: Jul-07-2023