MCR Membrane Module Reinforced PVDF BM-SLMCR-30 Replacing Project

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Product Overview

Submerged ultrafiltration (MCR) Technology is a water treatment technology which combines membrane technology and physico-chemical precipitation process. High-precision sludge-water separation of outlet from coagulation sedimentation tank can be done by submerged ultrafiltration (MCR), high filtering precision of memrbane insures high quality and clear water outlet.

This product adopts reinforced modified PVDF material, which will not peel or break during backwashing, meanwhile it has good permeable rate, mechanical performance, chemical resistance and anti-fouling ability. ID & OD of reinforced hollow fiber membrane are 1.0mm and 2.2mm respectively, filtering precision is 0.03 micron. Filtering direction is outside-in, that is raw water, driven by differential pressure, permeates into the hollow fibers, while bacteria, colloids, suspended solids and microorganisms etc. are rejected in the membrane tank.

Product Detail

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● Purification of surface water.
● Reuse of heavy metal waste water.
● Pretreatment of RO.

Filtration Performance

Below filtration effects are proved according to the use of modified PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane in different types of water:

No. Item Water Output Index
1 TSS ≤1mg/L
2 Turbidity ≤ 1




Chart 1 MBR Size

Technical Parameters

Filtering Direction Outside-in
Membrane Material Reinforced Modified PVDF
Precision 0.03  micron
Membrane Area 30m2
Membrane ID/OD 1.0mm/ 2.2mm
Size 1250mm×2000mm×30mm
Joint Size Φ24.5mm

Component Material

Component Material
Hollow Fiber Membrane Reinforced Modified PVDF
Sealing Compound Epoxy Resins + Polyurethane (PU)
Housing ABS

Using Conditions

Proper pretreatments must be set when raw water contains a lot of impurities/coarse particles or large proportion of grease. Defoamer must be used to remove foams in membrane tank when necessary, please use alcoholic defoamer which is not easy to scale.

Item Limit Remark
PH Range 5-9 (2- 12 when washing) Neutral PH is better for bacterial culture
Particle Diameter <2mm Prevent sharp particles to scratch membrane
Oil & Grease ≤2mg/L Prevent membrane fouling/sharp flux decrease
Hardness ≤150mg/L Prevent membrane scaling

Application Parameters

Designed Flux 15~40L/m2.h
Backwashing Flux Twice the designed flux
Operating Temperature 5~45°C
Maximum Operating Pressure -50KPa
Suggested Operating Pressure ≤-35KPa
Maximum backwashing Pressure 100KPa
Operating Mode Continuous opeartion, intermittent backwashing air flushing
Blowing Mode Continuous Aeration
Aeration Rate 4m3/h.piece
Washing Period Clean water backwashing every 1~2h; CEB every 1~2 days;Offline washing every 6~12 months

(Above information is for reference only, please adjust

according to actual differential pressure change rule)

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