MBR Membrane Module Reinforced PVDF BM-SLMBR-25 Waste Water Treatment

Short Description:

● 100% integrity test for housing and hollow fibers before leaving factory;

● Unique gradient reticular pore structure, high filtering precision and good output quality;

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Product Overview

MBR is a combination of membrane technology and bio-chemical reaction in water treatment. MBR filter the sewage in bio-chemical tank with membrane so that sludge and water are separated. On one hand, membrane rejects microorganisms in the tank, which greatly increase the concentration of activated sludge to a high level, thus the bio-chemical reaction of sewage degradation processes more rapidly and thoroughly. On the other hand, water output is clear and of high quality because of high precision of membrane.
This product adopts reinforced modified PVDF material, which will not peel or break when backwashing, meanwhile has good permeable rate, mechanical performance, chemical resistance and pollution resistance. ID & OD of reinforced hollow fiber membrane are 1.0mm and 2.2mm respectively, filtration precision is 0.1 micron. Filtration mode is outside-in, that is raw water, driven by differential pressure, permeates into the hollow fibers, while bacteria, colloids, suspended solids and microorganisms etc. are rejected in the membrane tank.


●Treatment, recycle and reuse of industrial waste water.
●Treatment of refuse leachate.
●Upgrade and reuse of municipal sewage.

Filtration Performance

No. Item Water Output Index
1 TSS ≤1mg/L
2 Turbidity ≤ 1




Technical Parameters

Structure Outside-in
Membrane Material Reinforced Modified PVDF
Precision 0.1  micron
Membrane Area 25m2
Membrane ID/OD 1.0mm/ 2.2mm
Size 785mm×2000mm×40mm
Joint Size DN32

Component Material

Component Material
Hollow Fiber Membrane Reinforced Modified PVDF
Sealing Compound Epoxy Resins + Polyurethane (PU)
Housing ABS

Application Parameters

Designed Flux 10~25L/m2.h
Backwashing Flux 30~60L/m2.h
Operating Temperature 5~45°C
Maximum Operating Pressure -50KPa
Suggested Operating Pressure 0~-35KPa
Maximum backwashingPressure 100KPa
Operating Mode 9min Operation+1min Break/8min Operaetion+2min Break
Blowing Mode Continuous Aeration
Aeration Rate 4m3/h.pc
Washing Period Clean water backwashing every 2~4h; CEB every 2~4 weeks; CIP every 6~12 months

Using Conditions

There should be appropriate pretreatments before UF. If defoamer has to be used, please choose alcohol defoamer, silicone defoamer is forbidden.

Item Value
PH Range 5~9 (washing: 2~12)
Particle Size <2mm, no sharp particles
Oil & Grease ≤2mg/L
Hardness ≤150mg/L

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